The Origin Story

The dessert, called Pasteis de nata, or "egg tarts," was created by Catholic monks at the Hieronymites Monastery before the 18th century. Nearly three centuries have passed since then, and in 2015, Nataobica was founded in South Korea. The brand's owner, Jiyong Lee, traveled to Portugal in 2014 and met Jose Rebelo, the owner of Tirol, located in Sintra. He visited the shop to get the recipe, which was created in 1989 by Jose's father. He was not satisfied with the recipe he learned. From the moment he learned the classic technique, he has been developing his recipe hundreds of times to make the 'Nata' so crispy and delicious that 'Nataobica' could not be made by anyone else. Now, the Nataobica brand has become the most popular tart brand in South Korea.

How We Operate in Korea

Direct Stores


Shop in Shop


It is best known as an 'Egg tart cafe' in Sinsa and Daechi in Gangnam Area. It operates 8 Nataobica (direct) stores and supplies NATA O BICA tarts to 290 shop-in-shop stores. We will continue to expand and strive to reach a level where people think of Nataobica when they think of pastry egg tarts in Korea.

How Shop-in-Shop Works

Nataobica’s customers are either private cafes or franchised cafes. They are looking for desserts or breads to sell along with coffee drinks in their cafes. Our customers are looking for our products because they can't afford to make a large number of bread, and they can't sell only cookies. Nataobica’s Egg Tart is easy to operate and requires minimal investment because it has a strong taste that can be delivered to customers.


In 2023, the NATA O BICA brand will be exporting for the first time, to Japan, one of leaders in the bakery market. The first Nataobica overseas store will open in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo, Japan, with plans to export to other countries in Asia, North America, and South America.

Brand Collaborations

We love brand collaborations. We are open to all possibilities to create synergy with Nataobica. We have collaborated with many brands such as GOMPYO, EDIYA, THE ALLEY, JEAN Boulangerie, BEANS & BERRIES, LEEHAKSOON BAKERY, COFFEE INDUSTRY, GLORIAJEAN’S, CAPHE COZY, DUTCH & BEAN, COLLECTIVO, etc for pop-up or shop-in-shop stores.

About the Founder

Jiyong Lee, the founder of Nataobica, traveled to Portugal, the country of origin of pastry tarts (nata), with the intention of making authentic pastry tarts in Korea, and founded the brand Nataobica with the first recipe he learned there and the recipe he invented over and over again. His research for the perfect pastry tart has made Nataobica the brand it is today. In the future, Nataobica is preparing to export to the world beyond Korea and is planning to enter overseas markets such as North America and Southeast Asia, starting with Japan.

We take pride in our pastry tarts, which is a big differentiator from our competitors. We use only the finest quality ingredients to make a tart done right. We want you to experience the best crispness with our unique dough and cream.

Our pastries are made using a technique where the dough and oil are layered, giving them an incredibly crisp texture. There are many different styles of pastry tarts in the world, but ours are special. That's because no other tart brand makes tarts to the same level of quality and in the same volume as we do.


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